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The amount to be returned cannot exceed the double of the amount that would be owed on the same date by the tourist to the promoter, as per art. The consumer can withdraw from the contract, without paying any penalties, in the following situations:. The consumer who withdraws from the contract prior to departure in cases not listed above or those provided for by art. In the case of pre-established groups, these sums will be agreed from time to time upon signing the contract. The assignor and the assignee are jointly responsible for the payment in full of the amount corresponding to the price, as well as for the amounts as set forth in letter d of this article.

Following art. In any case, the tourist who request any variation to a closed practice, provided this variation is possible and accepted, will pay, in addition to the costs resulting from the modification, a fixed flat-rate cost. During the negotiations, and at any rate before the completion of the contract, Italian citizens are provided with general written information valid when the catalogue was published relative to the health obligations and to the documentation necessary for expatriating.

In any case, tourists must, prior to departure, ensure such information is valid with an enquiry addressed to the relative enforcement bodies for Italian citizens the local Police Headquarters or the Department of Foreign Affairs — website www. The seller or the promoter shall not be liable for failed departure of one or more tourist in the case that such check is not performed.

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Tourists must inform the seller and the promoter about their citizenship and, on departure, finally check that they are carrying their vaccination certificates, their own passport and any other document valid in all the Countries included in the itinerary, as well as the stay and transit visas, and any required health certificates. In addition, in order to assess the degree of the health conditions and the level of safety of the Countries of destination, and hence the objective usability of the services already purchased or to be purchased, the tourist must using the sources of information listed in paragraph 3 refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs for general official information stating if the destinations are formally currently unadvisable.

If destination is not recommendable for security reasons, by institutional information channels, at time of booking, the traveler, who decides to exercise the withdrawal after confirmation will not be able to claim for cancellation nor refund.

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Common to both threads of my research in this area is my personal focus on the power dynamic between the representing voice and the groups and individuals represented. Linguistics Romance linguistics. Ogni tentativo di salvare il mondo presenta una nuova sfida in questo gioco di strategia a turni dai produttori di FTL. Team Forge nasce nel gennaio del con lo scopo di portare il professionismo nella scena Italiana, contribuendo a chiudere il gap con le altre nazioni europee. Per paura della polizia, Sean e Daniel vanno verso il Messico cercando di nascondere allo stesso tempo un superpotere improvviso e misterioso.

Tourists must also comply with the rules of common sense and due diligence, as well as with the specific rules currently in force in the destination countries of the trip, with all the information supplied by the promoter, and with the administrative and legislative regulations and provisions pertaining to the tourist package. At the moment of booking the tourist must also inform the promoter about any specific request that might be object of special agreements involving the terms of the trip, on condition they are feasible.

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The official classification of the hotels is listed in the catalogue or in other literature only on the basis of the specific and formal indication supplied by the enforcement bodies of the countries in which the service is provided. In the absence of official classification recognized by the public enforcement bodies of the countries, even if members of the E.

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Indemnity according to articles 44, 45 and 47 of the Tourism Code and relative terms of prescription are governed by the limits stated by C. The promoter must provide the consumer with the degree of assistance imposed by the principle of professional capacity exclusively for the obligations set forth in the law provisions or the contract. The promoter and the seller are exempted from their respective responsibilities articles 15 and 16 of these General Conditions when non-fulfillment, or partial fulfillment of the contract, is imputable to the tourist or depends on facts of unpredictable or unavoidable nature ascribable to a third party, on a fortuitous event or on force majeure.

Otherwise the damages will be limited pursuant to art. Moreover and with the obligation mentioned above, the consumer can make a complaint by registered letter with return receipt or other means that guarantee proof of delivery, to be sent to the promoter or the seller within and not later than ten working days following the date of return to the place of departure.

If not specifically included in the price, it is possible, and even advisable, to stipulate at the moment of booking at the office of the promoter or of the seller, a special insurance covering expenses arising from cancellation of the tourist package, injuries and incidents related to the transportation of luggage. The tourist will exercise rights inherent these contracts exclusively in respect of the stipulator Insurance Companies, according to the conditions and in the manner provided by these policies.

In accordance with the purposes of art. In this case the organizer will indicate the type of alternative resolution proposed and the effects that such adherence involves. Organized tourism contracts are backed by appropriate guarantees provided by the Organizer and by the intermediary Travel Agent who, for travel abroad and travel within a single country, guarantee in the event of insolvency or of bankruptcy declared by the seller or the promoter, for the following requirements:.

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The final arrangement for the purchased package will be decided by the organizer according to the preferences of the majority of buyers, without prejudice to the region of destination. The application of these clauses does not determine the configuration of the relevant contracts as a tourist package.

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Have a look at our English-Portuguese dictionary. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. EN to radicate. EN to root to take root. Thanks to the courage of the Iraqi people, democratic institutions have taken root. Much more needs to be done to address this problem at the point where it starts and takes root. Mr President, one of the greatest challenges of our time is how we can help the general principles of democracy and the rule of law to take root in developing countries.

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Congress University of the Witwatersrand, , pp. Chu, Mark; Vallorani, Nicoletta Eva. Translations [Details] Tuna Fishing. And here lies the difficulty: the Textual Construction of a Sicilian Psyche'. Italo Calvino ten years after , Chu, Mark; 'La spiegazione di tutte le cose del mondo: Problems of Knowledge in Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno and Kim'.

Power and Italian Culture and Literature. Contact details. Search profiles by name Search by name Search. Search by topic Search. Choose areas of the website to search Website People Courses. Spunti e Ricerche , 16 Il Giallo [Details]. Segno , XXV [Details]. Italica , 75 1 [Details]. Modern Language Notes , 1 [Details]. Italian Studies , 47 [Details].

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Journal of the Association of Teachers of Italian , 39 [Details]. Articles [Details]. Views of the Strait of Messina. Translations [Details]. The Rebirth of the Val di Noto. The Eruption of Mount Etna. Tuna Fishing. Retold, Resold, Transformed?