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Aries Rising Sign: The Ascendant In Aries
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Aries Rising Man

And I really like many of your articles, it's all down to the detail.. In continuation with the chart ruler series, what happens when you have an Aries Rising? I remember thinking, years ago, why they are no dignities and exaltations for the angles. Well, not exactly. Any dignified placement can potentially express itself in extremes and I believe that an Aries Rising is no different. So, yes, with this placement, Mars is your chart ruler. It also takes the person with their Ascendant in Aries and super-charges their outlook on life.

These are our behaviors and motivations, our overall demeanor, and the way we are going to tackle any given situation. And when you have Mars ruling the chart, when you tackle a situation, you tackle it like a football player on steroids. While this can lead to control-freak tendencies or major obsessions for Scorpio Ascendant, it just causes Aries Rising people to become highly aggressive, in some form or another. It can be quite a common misconception that a person with an Aries Ascendant has to be all in your face: loud, pushy, coarse, etc. I have actually found that out of all the three Fire Ascendants, the Aries Rising can actually be the most low-key.

This does make some of them the stereotypical push-and-shove types who will obviously run you over to get where they need to go. But, just as many of them can express their aggression in a more underplayed manner, especially if their Mars is in the 4th, 8th, or 12th House. Yet, you will still sense that smoldering fire coming from them. When Mars rules your chart, you have so much energy to burn and you can easily burn the people around you with it, whether you mean to or not. It rules our appearance just because it governs how we carry ourselves which, in turn, gives us a certain aura, physicality, and body language.

Many people with this placement report having a higher-than-usual body temperature, as if they always have a fever. Depending on their skin tone, they might also get red in the face very easily, especially when angry or frustrated, and could even find themselves breaking out on a regular basis thanks to these stressors. When passion is thwarted, eruptions can ensue. If Mars is in the 9th, they will lose their temper in a rather self-righteous, preachy way, insisting on the importance of right and wrong. Since Mars is coloring their individual perspective on life, many people with this Ascendant can act as if they are just waiting for an opportunity to explode.

In short, they tend to already look pissed off or, at least, like they are getting pretty sick of your crap. In short, you can definitely come on strong and it sets you up for playing the part of a fighter.

Ascendant in Aries Man

Some Aries Ascendants can live their lives as if they are always in the middle of a boxing match. So, if the chart ruler is your life story, you might feel as if you are living the life of Muhammad Ali, always preparing for your next fight and, of course, to win. Depending on where Mars is placed in your chart, the fighting can be verbal, emotional, psychological, intellectual, or even downright physical.

Many Aries Rising people will use their fighting spirit, though, to not always butt heads with other people but to just compete and become one of the best. The Rising sign, in and of itself, is what gets us out there, what compels us to begin something new and put our best foot forward.

You could argue that when Mars is your chart ruler, you can do this more naturally than most people. It is just automatic for you. Thanks to this influence, your outlook on life is to accomplish as much as you can while you can. This is how you can potentially go overboard, with Mars acting as the chart ruler. With Mars in the 9th, this can mean being so intent on always being right and remaining free that you commit one foolish blunder after the next. Mars in the 8th ruling the chart could make you very obsessed with delving into your dark side and using it as a personal strength. But, it could also mean that you get totally lost in the darkness, harboring all sorts of secret compulsions and feelings, in order to maintain an advantage, that only ends up destroying everything you touch.

In the end, such an approach to life can turn your personal biography into one of those books about a successful mogul or celebrity who carelessly stomped on plenty of people to get to the top of the world.

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You step forward with courage, in any given situation. This post is pure fire! Try to find in love its deep meaning, rather than treating it simply as a physical attraction and a means of satisfying your sexual desires. About Ayurveda Ayurveda is the science of life. It can be quite a common misconception that a person with an Aries Ascendant has to be all in your face: loud, pushy, coarse, etc.

The bigger problem is that your individual outlook can be highly selfish. I must have that!

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Each chapter of your life is about defining what you want and then going after it. While the Leo Ascendant is living the life of a star, you are living the life of a hero, Aries Ascendant.

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Being able to fly and have super-strength would come in handy for many very selfish reasons. But, in the end, he uses his powers to save others.

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Once inspired, you rarely hesitate to act and you usually get where you want to go. But be warned! Your lively enthusiasm can get out of hand; you tend to overestimate your own abilities, or the influence you have. In general you maintain an informal approach to life, with easy, open mannerisms and an attitude of "take me as I am".

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Confronting situations openly and with force need not necessarily brand you as unduly aggressive, for you can be quiet and hard-working, sublimating your energy inconspicuously in low-key activities. However your innate restlessness makes it difficult for you to develop an extended concentration span, control your untidiness, or get truly focused and organised. Ruled by Mars, the fiery warrior, many Arians have reddish hair, ruddy complexions, or a distinctive birthmark on their heads or faces.

The Aries mouth has a characteristic down-turn, often associated with a longish face.