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Despair and deep emotionless loneliness covers the thoughts Nihilistic profound messages are welling from the wounds and link together with cold, incisive riffs into a remarkable work. Humanity, religion and tollerance are killed mercilessly by negativity. Visions full of pain and torture who introduce the downfall A side project of 2 members of the one of the most famous Folk rock acts hailing from Russia.

Add extreme and radical content and you'll get VOLH: cold, blazing and sharp as a sword Limited to handnumbered copies!! The production is relatively clear, allowing the listener to pick out each detail in the drumming, lead guitar work, and vocals. The latter are growled, but perfectly understandable, and combine with the clever lyrics and rousing choruses to make this a great shout-along album.

This band features Ed from Bound For Glory, and the songs here are a lot like the history-based songs from "Behold the Iron Cross", combined with equal amounts of Bolt Thrower and Destroyer And then there's "Peiper's Last Stand" and "Titans' March", two of the best epic death metal songs since "Genesis to Genocide" -- simply perfect, deeply steeped in emotion and power.

The Nazi history theme is blatantly obvious, and will probably turn off a lot of potential listeners, but those willing to give this one a try will be amply rewarded.


This is one of the best death metal albums I've ever heard; every moment of every song is astoundingly heavy, with catchy hooks strung through like loops of razor wire. This one is worthy of a place on my metal altar, right next to mid-paced classics like Bolt Thrower - " Side project of the vocalist of Gontyna Kry and Barbarus Pomerania.

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Seven devastating songs equipped with a raw production that carries on the sound of the early 90ies mark this grim attack of German Black Metal. Expect harsh grim mastery with eerie keyboards in the vein of early Emperor. This release marked the beginning of the band Zelfhaat. The band released this album in limited tape format in , but the this edition is now long sold-out. This album features 7 tracks, with Dutch lyrics showing the bands self-hatred and total despise for human life.

High Caliber Music, truly one of Nowdays strongest Black Metal Horde , after their excellent and Amazing Demos , their bring us more complex tracks yet with their personal atmosphere!

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Frozen Unholy Agressive and melodic riffs Piercing vocal performance and dedication to the Black flame that once more is burning strong. Zwartplaag is not a project that is taking its first step into the Black Metal realm , this project has been lurking deep underground for a long time and this debut full-lengther will give you a taste of what the Dutch Mighty Black Metal underground Scene has to offer US!

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VINYL :. Harsh, relentless and addictive Black Metal. Inexorable pounding and grazed screams for a hallucinatory march. An endless dreadful fall into the deepest darkness. A depraved journey for lost souls.

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Two albums on a single cassette. Unrelenting, intolerant and extreme raw black metal from the Czech Republik. Motivated by traditionalist philosophy, the atmosphere of this album can described as a radical declaration of hatred channeled througha focused and violent form of black metal.

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Wintergeister: Roman (German Edition) eBook: Kate Mosse, Ulrike Wasel, Klaus Timmermann: Kindle Store. Buy Wintergeister: Roman (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews -

Kult Ofenzivy takes the Czech sound and imues within it a more sinister and merciless energy that solidifies this album as paramount to extreme and evil music. The pro-cassette includes a folded A4 cover and lyrics in English. The oldest Dutch pagan black metal show a colder and harsher return to the roots of pagan black metal.

Re-recorded unreleased songs, as a tribute to the old European pagan black metal sound! Hateful, primitive and aggressive black metal. Fierce worship of rune and fire giants and the primordial forces of chaos.

Nine songs, full album tape, limited to handnumbered copies. One man band's Rotem debut album, Dehumanization - the name says it all! The tape format includes a cover of Celtic Frost "Procreation of the Wicked" and two extra tracks "Behind the Mask" and "Creating Man", which were not on the cd version. Tape limited to handnumbered copies. Old-school touches together with catchy and memorable riffs with the personal views of the one-soul behind this project.

It's heavy and very bottom-end, with a solid, natural and very professional sound - but not "over-produced" and polished like a lot of the death metal releases of today. Tape limited to 66 handnumbered copies.

Selo: Black Blood Records 2 Cat. Selo: Dunkelheit Produktionen Cat. Item details: because this item is sealed, we can't guarantee the color of the vinyl. For more details, see our seller terms about colored vinyl records. All of our items are brand new, never used and never played and normally factory sealed. Images do no t represent the item for sale and are for illustration purpose only.

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Lot Of Music is a large European seller. Check our sellers page for daily updates and new additions. Selo: Throne Records Cat. Selo: Magister Dixit Cat. New, distro stock. Selo: Fistbang Records Cat. B Musically there's definitely an influence from the likes of Dissection, Dark Funeral, and other Swedish luminaries but I also hear a distinctly German strain of melancholy similar to that exemplified by Der Weg einer Freiheit. Definitely a great debut and a band to keep an eye on in coming years.

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Membaris at Howling Infinity. It was a blast! Also I found some other great bands like makeachangekillyourself and sabathan. Thanks a lot to drohendeschatten for that brutal setlist. Pray for the true power Which shall awaken the soul And open His dark kingdom Which lies deep in your heart For it is prince Lucifer Nay, the uncrowned King! Who guides man with wisdom And secrets of the ancient art Hail Satan - the adversary! First to question god's folly For thiss is the righteous path The gospel of truth!